PhD (Pharmaceutical Science)

The Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science is the highest-level academic (doctoral) program in the field of pharmacy. Supported by intensive and comprehensive research work, this doctoral program in pharmacy paves the way for bright, prolific, and well-paid careers in a rather wide range of employment avenues. The programme deals with researching new discoveries in pharma or medicine and drugs. Candidates get to design, formulate and test medicines and understand its effects.


PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences is a three year minimum doctorate level programme. The eligibility criteria for the programme is to have a Masters in Pharmacy with at least 55% aggregate score from a recognized educational institute. Admissions is done on the basis of entrance examinations. Upon qualifying for the entrance exam round, candidates are invited for a personal interview round where one has to present their research proposal. The candidates who qualify ICAR (NET/JRF), UGC (NET/ JRF)/ CSIR (NET/ JRF)/ examination/ SLET / GATE or GPAT score card, Teacher research fellows will be exempted from entrance test.

PhD Programme is offered both full time and part time in Pharmacy

Fee Details

Entrance Test Fee- Rs. 5000/-

Course Fee- Rs. 80,000/ Year

Total Fee- Rs. 2,65,000/-

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