Departments of School of PHARMACY

Central Instrument Laboratory

Pharmaceutics is concerned with the scientific and technological aspects of the design and manufacture of dosage forms. Central instrument laboratory is designed for providing instructions in several pharmaceutical technology aspects particularly the manufacturing of various pharmaceutical dosage forms. It is equipped with the required machines and apparatus for pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The department of pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the important branches in the pharmacy. Six laboratories are allocated for the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, four for undergraduate course (D &B. Pharm) and two for postgraduate course (M. Pharm- Pharmaceutical Chemistry). In these laboratories, experiments in basic organic, inorganic and physical chemistry are practiced. Also, experiments related to chemistry of natural products, chemistry of synthetic drugs and medicinal chemistry are performed. These are important laboratories for those who are interested to become research scientist in leading pharmaceutical industries, as the expertise will be gained from simple periodic table to complex sequences of syntheses for new drugs. Many sophisticated equipment and a wide range of glass wares are being used in these laboratories.

Department of Pharmaceutics

The Department of Pharmaceutics is one of the core departments among all and was established with the establishment of school of pharmacy. It supports the academic and research requirements for students studying for B. Pharm, M. Pharm and Doctoral course of OPJS University. The department includes five Pharmaceutics Laboratories, three for undergraduate course (D &B. Pharm) and two for postgraduate course (M. Pharm- Pharmaceutics). Each laboratory includes preparation room, staff cubical and space according to the norms. Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with all facets of the process of turning a new chemical entity into a medication able to be safely and effectively used by patients in the community. It needs a complete understanding of Physical pharmacy, Microbiology, Biopharmaceutics, chemistry and analytical chemistry. Pharmaceutics is the core of pharmacy course which provides the knowledge and practice of manufacturing, storage, preservation, utilization and pharmacokinetics of drug products. It includes the study of advanced drug delivery systems, nanotechnology based delivery systems and biotechnology based drug delivery systems also. The department of Pharmaceutics is involved in imparting knowledge in the various fields of advanced pharmaceutics and novel drug delivery systems. The department is well equipped with post graduate research laboratories and an undergraduate laboratory including a well-equipped industrial pharmacy laboratory (Machine room) having all modern equipments essential for carrying our regular as well as research activities in pharmaceutics.

Department of Pharmacognosy

Pharmacognosy, defined as the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs or potential drugs or drug substances of natural origin as well as the search for new drugs from natural sources. A laboratory of Pharmacognosy is providing information regarding the natural drugs, their identification, cultivation, collection, preparation, chemical constituents, uses, identification tests, determination of possible adulterants and the detection of the same. Many crude drug specimens, demonstration charts are available in the laboratory in order to make the students to understand organoleptic, macroscopic, microscopic, chemical and pharmacological characteristics of those drugs obtained from natural sources. Modern methods like chromatography and spectrometry are also studied for existing and new natural products.

Department of Pharmacology

School of Pharmacy, OPJS University has three sprawling laboratories for Pharmacology department where the animal experiments are carried out by both in-vitro and in-vivo procedures to understand the Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of the drugs with the physiological systems of the animal body. Computer software is available for the basic demonstration of pharmacology experiments to avoid sacrificing laboratory animals for these experiments. A well-maintained animal house is also available with the stocks of rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and frogs for the pharmacology experiments.

This Laboratory is utilized to determine the action of drugs on the animal or its isolated tissues. The lab is well equipped with types of specialized equipment like Convulsiometer for testing anticonvulsant effect of drugs on rats and mice, Eddy’s Hot Plate for testing analgesic effect, Plethysmograph, rota rod apparatus and cooks pole climbing apparatus for testing antipsychotic effect, Single and double unit Organ bath with recording drums are utilized for experiments on isolated tissues from the animals. The experimental animals used are albino, rats, mice, rabbit and Guinea Pigs. The animals are kept with ease in an animal house associated with the Lab. The lab is also utilized for determination of acute and chronic toxicities of the new drug molecules.

English Language & Communication Lab

The University has a state-of-the-art English Language Laboratory that aims at the English language proficiency and communication skills of students, as these skills are so essential to far better not only in academics at the college but also in the career of their choice.

The students need to prepare themselves for their careers which may require them to listen to read, speak and write in English both for their professional and interpersonal communication in the globalised context. Communication is thus a way of life. English Language & Communication Skills Lab monitors and guides the students towards enhancing the common skills through the material fed in the systems. It helps in developing the various skills involved in the process of communication through methodical usage of techniques and activity to enhance communication.

Machine Room

The machine room of School of Pharmacy, OPJS University is equipped with most advanced instruments and machinery used in manufacturing of tablets, capsules, injectable, liquid orals and ointment sections. The machine room is spacious with the available of rotary single punch tablet machine, coating pan, dissolution rate test apparatus, disintegration rate test apparatus, ampoule filling and sealing machine, bottle filling machine, sieve shaker, capsule filling machine, mechanical Stirrer, double cone blender, tray dryer and ointment filling machine. This laboratory provides a window for young and aspiring pharmacist to be well versed with the manufacturing aspect of different formulation in real time.

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